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People are becoming increasingly concerned about the safety of their water. Current improvements in analytical methods allow for detection of impurities at very low concentrations in water. Consequently, water supplies once considered to be pure are found to contain various contaminants, very often from natural sources, and usually below harmful concentrations. Water can dissolve thousands of substances, some of which do not dissolve and form a suspension in water. Therefore, we must not expect pure water, but we want to be sure of safe water.

Water systems in Germany that serve more than 1000 residents are periodically tested for many kinds of contamination. The only people who may have a reason for testing their water are the owners of individual water supplies that have some indication of a problem, such as odor or taste. The presence of nearby pollutant sources also may be a good reason for a water test.

This circular should be considered an introduction to some specific water problems one might encounter, and how one should go about identifying and solving them. For more specific information contact your local county extension office ore send an