atmosperic deposits
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Water Quality: Management, Sanitation and Investigation

Protection and Sanitation of Watersheds
Diffuse entries from forestry


The forest is generally the best protection for drinking water. The entry of pollutants from forestry is nevertheless possible, they are usually of lesser significance than those from other sources of entry. Erosion processes in forestry areas represent danger for the waters. The causes could be forest clearance, forestry operations that do not protect the soil and the planting of timber unsuitable to the location.


Approaches in forestry which protect soil and water can minimise entry of pollutants from forestry via erosion (no clearing, for example, no entry of timber hauling vehicles on tracks and backcuts).

Areas or forestry for example are bought by the Thuringia Forest Administration and cultivation contracts are signed with the forestry operators in order to exert influence on forestry with respect to water conservation.

atmosperic deposits