pre-dams of reservoirs
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Water Quality: Management, Sanitation and Investigation

Water Quality Restauration

Introduction of Technical Methods for the Restauration of Lakes and Drinking Water Resources

Chemical and biochemical procedures can be used to refurbish polluted lakes and reservoirs (phosphate precipitation, introduction of oxidation and reduction agents to manipulate the nitrogen cycle), although these procedures are time consuming and rich in by products. Therefore it´s always better to use ecological principles:

Biological procedures for restoring waters acquire greater significance when considering global and regional aspects and also against the background of rising costs for disposal and deployment of energy: All biological procedures for restoring waters are orientated towards reducing concentrations of nutrients, pollutants or phytoplanktons by controlling the growth factors (nutrients, light, grazing).

Hypolimnic aeration (+ Example)

Elimination of nutrients by using pre dams and dams in the upper flow of drinking water reservoirs

Limitation of light

Controlling the food web

pre-dams of reservoirs

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