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Water Quality: Management, Sanitation and Investigation

Water Quality Restauration

Elimination of nutrients by using pre dams and
dams in the upper flow of drinking water reservoirs

The option of removing the algae biomass is opened by operating pre damswhich guarantee a sufficient period of stay. Pre dams are used in the overflow so that the phytoplankton sediment. The sediment in the pre damthen has to be cleaned out at regular intervals.

If several reservoirs are operated in a cascade, there is the option of managing the connected reservoirs - with the exception of the last reservoir - in such a way that material decomposition processes are encouraged (fish stocking. circulation of shallow reservoirs). The objective of this encouragement is the intensification of phytoplankton growth. Microfiltration can be used to separate the nutrients transferred as dissolved particles in the discharge of the installation so that the discharge itself then has lower nutrients.

Graphic example

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limitation of light

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