sewage and waste water
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Water Quality: Management, Sanitation and Investigation

Protection and Sanitation of Watersheds

     The influence of watershed usage on the quality of drinking water and
     refurbishing the catchment area

Precise ("point") and diffuse ("nonpoint") entry of extremely varied materials can be followed in the inflows into the lakes and water reservoir from the catchment area. Diffuse pollution enters into the waters from the air and via the surface of the catchment area, whereas the precise contaminants can be exactly located.

   Entry of sewage water/effluent

   Diffuse entries from agriculture

  Road drainage water

   Atmospheric Deposits

   Diffuse entries from forestry

Graphic example


                    DVGW-Regelwerk W 102, 1975: Richtlinien für Trinkwasserschutzgebiete, II: Teil,
                    Schutzgebiete für Trinkwassertalsperren.

sewage and waste water